Cooking and Technology

LanCook was a 3 year EU funded Lifelong Learning project that began in December 2011. The project involved the creationg of language learning materials in 7 languages that integrate the next generation of innovative approaches to language learning with technology.

Using digital sensors and a task-based language learning approach, LanCook's materials are designed to promote a geunuinely situated language learning experience of a real-world activity.

The materials are housed in a "mobile kitchen," where, via tablet PC, the kitchen communicates with the learners and instruct them how to cook a typical dish of one of the 7 languages linked to 7 European cultures and cusines: Catalan, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
The project was very successful, and now the platform is going to oriental languages such as Korean, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, and Turkish. The first oriental language that will employ this technology will be Korean. The Korean Digital Kitchen.

The kitchen will provide step-by-step instructions through an intelligent audio and visual prompting system supported by embedded digital sensors that are inserted in or attached to all the equipments and ingredients. The system also uses information from the sensors to provide other timely feedback linked to specific learner progress through the cooking task.







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About us

Our work continues as we strive to promote language learning, mobility and collaboration through cooking and technology! Check out our resources page too where you will find lots of materials we created to accompany the Digital Kitchen cooking sessions. If you would like to get involved in the future of the project work, use the contact details on all the language specific pages.